Angelo D’Aria (ENG)

ft_angelo_dariaThe Master D’Aria Angelo was born in 1965. Between 1972 study, practice, and does research on martial arts ( wushu武术) . During these years, Angelo studied : KARATE空手道, JUDO柔道, TAE KWON DO跆拳道, YOGA意 身, Budo武 道, SHAOLIN QUAN少林 拳, WU XING QUAN五 形 拳, Wudao HONG NAN PAI 武道洪 南 派, YONG CHUN QUAN永春拳and TANG LANG QUAN 螳螂拳.

In 1980, the Master D’Aria opened his first martial arts school in the town of Voghera (PV) .

Since 1994, studies, practices and teaches only the QI XING TANG LANG QUAN (七星 螳螂拳) of the Grand Master Lee Kam Wing.

In 1996, he was appointed Head of School in Italy and Master Chief Instructors for LEE KAM WING HONG KONG MARTIAL ART SPORTS ASSOCIATION香港 李景荣 武术 体育 协会 意大利 分会 会长and Technical Manager for the QI XING TANG LANG QUAN in Italy意大利 七星 螳螂拳 协会负责 人.

In 1998, in addition to follow Lee Kam Wing , Angel becomes a student of Grandmaster Chen Le Ping.

angelodaria_chenlepingIn 1999, 2002 , 2004, 2005, 2011 and 2014  in the city of Qingdao, Penglai and Laoshan in China has won the international championship of Tang Lang Quan . in the year 2017 in China to Jinan city he won 2 gold medal ( 2 first place ) at World WuShu Championship.

Today the Master D’Aria Angelo is appreciated and recognized by many organizations in the World Martial Arts Italian, European and Chinese, covering the offices of Expert Master 8° Degree of XING QI TANG LANG QUAN. in the past he worked for :

  • P.W.K.A. Italy – Professional Wushu Kung Fu Association Europe -意大利 职业 武术 功夫 协会 七星 螳螂拳 师傅 和 负责 人) ;
  • Lee Kam Wing International seven star praying mantis boxing association (李景荣 国际 七星 螳螂拳 协会 意大利 第一 师傅) ;
  • British taiji quan and shaolin kung fu association (英国 太极拳 少林 拳 功夫 协会 七星 螳螂拳 师傅) ;
  • China Qingdao wushu sports association (Qingdao wushu Yundong xiehui -中国 青岛 武术 运动 协会 七星 螳螂拳 师傅) ;
  • China Qingdao seven star praying mantis boxing committee (Qingdao qi xing tang lang quan wei yuan hui -中国 青岛 七星 螳螂拳 委员会 意大利 分会 会长 和 意大利 大师傅) .

Since 1999, in China Angelo has known many teachers and colleagues TANG LANG QUAN as: Zengan Tao , Yu Hong Wei, Sun De Long , Sun De , Tian Yu Cheng , Chi Xue Yuan Huo Ting Rui etc.. and they had many technical exchanges and enriching its theoretical baggage .

angelo e chen leping in BU CHANToday, Angelo D’ Aria is the DA TUDI (disciple expert) and successor to the Grand Master CHEN LE PING and professor of XING QI TANG LANG QUAN .

Angelo D’Aria is very attached to qi gong was wushu xing tang lang quan, Culture and Traditions Chinese martial art , promotes and develops the respect of the Ancestors and the modern evolution because all that does not evolve ( adapt ) with the times goes out ( extinguished ) .


Master Angelo D’ Aria is also the author of the book ” Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan – The Secrets of the Seven Star Praying Mantis ” published by Editions Caliel . This book is a work of considerable importance in the context of Chinese kung fu . For the first time they have been collected and translated into a single volume the principles , techniques, the songs and poems that form the backbone not only of the style in question , Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan, but of all the traditional kung fu . The text is available at the publisher’s site and major online stores (eg Amazon , Ibs , LibreriaUniversitaria … )

From November 2013 , the Master Angelo D’Aria has also undertaken the publication of manuals and books on Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan in ebook format. These are available for purchase on Amazon, at this web address.

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