The following are the statutes of the European Praying Mantis Boxing Association:

Art. 1) The EUROPEAN PRAYING MANTIS BOXE ASSOCIATION is formed for the purposes of amateur sports, socialization, study and research of martial art disciplines and oriental culture.

Art. 2) The Association has its registered office in Via Zanardi, 104-27058 Voghera (PV), Italy .

Art. 3) The Association was founded to promote and disseminate the practice and study of Eastern martial disciplines and sports such as: KUNG – FU, TANG LANG QUAN, CHINESE GYMNASTICS and other Eastern disciplines that relate to this field by means of organizing workshops, meetings and competitions of these arts .

Art. 4) To be a part of this association , you will need to apply for entry. The application form may be rejected by Management, without giving any explanation.

Art. 5 ) Members of the Association are required to observe the rules and procedures that will be communicated to them. The non-observance of the Regulations will result in the exclulsion from the Association.

Art. 6 ) Activities Labor Association Tterminano begin in September and July of the following year ( year sports ) . The associative Year begins in January and ends in December of the same year (calendar year) .

Art. 7) Shareholders ‘ Association, will be made possible by donations from supporters and equipment that the ‘ Association purchase .

Art. 8) Shareholders’ Association will be used to pay for the work performance of Teachers who teach in the Association, to organize events for the promotion and dissemination of the same association and participation in national and international competitions .

Art. 9) In the event of dissolution of the Association , the Shareholders of the same, will be donated to sporting purposes relating to disclosure of the martial arts and the arts in eastern Italy .

Art.10) The Constitution of this Association is indefinite. The term of the Board of Directors, will be 5 years. For the renewal of the Board of Directors, all members will be able to participate in elections.


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