Code of Ethics and Morals

  1. Every teacher, solemnly swear that is authentic Guardian’s own style of traditional Chinese kung-fu.
  2. Each teacher, as a guarantee of his own office, lays copies of documents certifying his education.
  3. Every teacher, representative in Italy of his style of kung-fu, is authorized and recognized in China. **
  4. Every teacher, agrees with Honour to teach his style for the purpose of preservation and development of the same.
  5. Every teacher, seriously promises that he will teach his martial art to transform their students into men strong, healthy, and able to defend themselves and their country.
  6. Every teacher, who swears never to teach his students to turn them into thugs or violent men.
  7. Every teacher, with honor will consider their students as potential heirs and successors of their knowledge.
  8. Every teacher, with respect and honor, accept other styles and other masters, considering a resource to compare and improve.
  9. Each teacher confirms that within their own school, reign respect, honesty and a kind of structure knit family.
  10. Each teacher teaches and promotes his art as a means to improve and feel good, is committed to ensure that no one ever thinks or believes that kung-fu servant to become superior to others and then submit them. The kung-fu is Physical Education, Mental and Spiritual.

** (Or nation where his teacher association and reference counts).


Levels and hierarchy of the School  (学校程度和等级)

学生 Student ( he can practice but not teach )
1. 基本级学生 student basic level 1° Duan.
2. 初级学生 student initial level 2° Duan.
3. 中级学生 student middle level 3° Duan.
4. 高中级学生 student middle-high level 4° Duan.
5. 高级学生 student high level 5° Duan
6. 经验学生 student advanced level 6 °Duan
7. 专家学生 student expert level 7° Duan

教练 Instructor ( he can teach but not examine neither issue grade )
1. 基本级教练 instructor basic level  1° Duan (can teach only basic level  )
2. 初级教练 instructor initial level 2° Duan (can teach up to initial level  )
3. 中级教练 instructor middle level 3° Duan (can teach up to middle level )
4. 高中级教练 instructor middle-high level 4° Duan (can teach up to middle-high level)
5. 高级教练 instructor high level 5° Duan (can teach up to high level )
6. 经验教练 instructor advanced level 6° Duan (can teach up to advanced level )
7. 专家教练 instructor expert level 7° Duan (can teach up to expert level )

师傅 Master ( he can teach, examine and issue grade )
1. 基本级师傅 master 1°Duan (can teach up to middle level, but can examin only basic level)
2. 初级师傅 master 2° Duan (can teach up to middle-high level, but can examin uo to initial level)
3. 中级师傅 master 3° Duan (can teach up to high level, but can examin uo to middle level)
4. 高中级师傅 master 4° Duan (can teach up to advanced level, but can examin uo to middle-high level)
5. 高级师傅 master 5° Duan (can teach up to advanced level, but can examin uo to high level)
6. 经验师傅 master 6° Duan (can teach up to expert level, but can examin uo to advanced level)
7. 专家师傅 master 7° Duan (can teach up to expert level and can examin uo to expert level)