Teachers and schools


The masters associated with the European Praying Mantis Boxe Association:

angelodaria_chenleping Angelo D’aria (Italy)
david-conches David Conches (Spain)
wyqpcc3 Patrick Cassam-Chenaï (France)
wyqpcc3 Ilya Profatilov (Russia)


Other associated:


Masters and instructors

  1. Iobbi Luigino master 5° Duan, teaches in Giulianova (TE)  (site)
  2. Caponi Ilario master 3°Duan, teaches in Roma (site)
  3. Angeli Diego instructor 3° Duan, teaches in Roma (site)
  4. Cassandro Alessandro master 2° Duan, teaches in Camposampiero (PD) (site)
  5. Torresin Francesco master 2° Duan, teaches in Camposampiero (PD) (site)
  6. Golino Pasquale master 2° Duan, teaches in Camposampiero (PD) (site)
  7. Barboni Serafino master 1°Duan, teaches in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) (site)
  8. Maurizio Alessandro instructor 2° Duan (initial level), Voghera (PV)  (site)
  9. Livraghi Marco instructor 2° Duan, Voghera (initial level) (PV)  (site)
  10. Maggio Adriano instructor 2° Duan (initial level), Voghera (PV) (site)
  11. Cocuzza Andrea instructor 2° Duan (initial level), Voghera (PV) (site)

Apprentices of long experience (10 years) from Voghera (PV): Marchese Andrea student 5° Duan, Bariani Sergio student 5° Duan, De Giorgi Giovanni student 5° Duan, Rescia Giorgio student 5° Duan, Rossi Alessandro student 5° Duan.